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If you are interested in 29er, feel free to contact us for a crew change experience during one of our training sessions during the year. For newcomers we recommend the transition clinics organized by Sepers Sail Service from 15 till 19 Jul (clinic 1) and 19 till 23 Aug 2024 (clinic 2) in Medemblik. 

To become member of 29er Sailing Belgium you need to consent to our constitution (link) and to send your application (form) by email to info@29ersailing.be
The membership fee for 2024 is as follows: 

Payment of the membership fee shall be made by bank transfer (see application form for details).
Belgian members also need to affiliate to the International 29er class. This is to be done on individual basis via http://int29erclass.ourclubadmin.com which will enable you to register for events of the 29er.org and to be scored in the Eurocup ranking. Upon request 29er Sailing Belgium vzw will compensate the cost for affiliating to the international class.